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Order and Feedback

Your reporting back to us - You can mail us, which kind of music you would prefere or can tell us also your opinion or your review. Only about a real aand clear listening surround mixdown in a well quadraphonic tradition we don´t like to talk, because we are surround fans who like music around. Real surround sound has new possibilities for a further artistic creation by arrangement and reproductions. A surround sound, therefore our ears are build from the nature. And we are not in the year 1958, when was no more possible as to produce only two channels on record a tape. We are in 2013 and further with many more possibilities to create the surround-sound for really natural listening.

Your comments, feedback and orders

Dietrich Räsch

If you prefer the traditional way, you can write to us:
P. O. Box 610411
D-22424 Hamburg

Thank you for visiting our site
Dietrich Räsch

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