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Our Surround-Technic

In the earlier times it was by financial reasons not possibe by the fans to produce own surround productions. By changing technical conditions now it is better possible as before, of course with further some financial efforts. Yesterday with analog technic, today with those of digital.

For the reproduction of analog sources from studio rough tapes, now we have got two 24 track tape machines (earlieer price DM 120,000) and the needed professional Dolby A units. For the digital recording we work with several Adat recorders, each with eight tracks. We can put them together to a  24 channel / track recorder. For the quadraphonic four channel remixing we work with a professional computer program. Big mixing consoles are not needed furthermore. So we have got a lot of mixing parameters to create a real quadraphonic surroundsound. For control listening we work with a Maranz 4400 receiver and four equal high qualitiy loudspeakers.

So we can make the "rebirth" of the quadraphonic surroundsound - independent from the "big" music industry, which has further on not a real interess for our wishes. Some of us are dreaming of new CD4-records. A nice idea. But better is a new CD4-demodulator for our old gems. In present times we need of course the quality of hifi and channel separation with a 4-channel DVD-Audio.


At the left side:
The "analog" section with one of the 24-track studio-machines

At the right side one of the digital Adat-Recorders

Adat Recorder
Dolby "A" Equipment

The professionell Dolby "A" unit for optimal quality of the studio-tapes

The Field for the positions of the sound sources in the quadraphonic arragement


Control of the surround-field and volume

Four identical high quality loudspeakers with chassises of Dynaudio and ESS.

four identical loudspeakers
Maranz 4400 Receiver

Marantz 4400 Receiver for control listening

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