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We make now the work, what really the music industry should do - to make more surround music and publicity for that. Although the professionels have all possibilities therefore, they have make their job only half-hearted and again with two different systems of the SA-CD and DVD-Audio, which is not wanted by the music consumers. Nevertheless there are in the past produced surround titles, but actual most in the classic section. But really needed are recordings in surround for Pop, Jazz, Latin etc. Also recordings of 4-channel mastertapes are very rare. The actual stars are useless for surround-fans, when they are available only on 2-channel discs. We can`t offer stars, but there exist many bands and artists, which are playing like stars, but without a real contact to record companies. So our focus attention is well listening music with a clear surround mix-down, which will satisfy the listener. Especially many music videos are called surround, but most have only a surround reverberation or shouting audience in the rear channels. We in opposite sight like in very well quadraphonic tradition, that the music self will wrapped up the listener.

Our technic for production and duplication

After a first start sometimes ago with only limited possibilities of the analoge storage and especially by duplication on open reel and compact-cassette we now take a new run with better possibilities by the digital technic of recording and duplication. Now the recording is done with digital cassette or hard disc in maximal possible quality. The producions will be released on DVD-Audio, which means also best quality. There is a Dolby-Digital track, so you can play our DVDs on every DVD-video-player in Dolby-Digital surround.

Have a few of our technic for production

Something about the needed surround home-equipment

We don't take part by the run for the inflation of the channel numbers, which is implement from the home-cinemas. In the beginning it was 5.1, but meanwhile are promoted 7.1 and sometimes also 9.2 are targeted. But which one consumer will install such a lot of speakers in his living-room? We mean, especially surround music needs a technic, which is easy to grasp and manageable for everyone. So week keep further on the technic of 4-channel (4.0) in best quadraphonic tradition. If a 4-channel record is played on a 5.1-system (most taken by home cinemas), noone will realize a difference.

Not needed loudspeakers easy don´t sound. The separate center-channel is needed only in real cinemas, because only there someone can take a seat extensive on a side. At home listening also the phatom-center without a separate loudspeaker will do the same for a center listening like by stereo. Also the .1 subwoofer is non-essential by listening surround music with a well equipment. And the trampling of dinosaurus or bangs of explosions, which are storaged in the LFE part of .1 are of caused not needed by music. So for both sides - producer and consumer - fewer is better. And 4.0 contains also the welcome possibility that one can listen surround with often available two stereo sets - one for the front and one for the rear position. Additional needed is only a very reasonable player for the surround beginning. So many can test the impression of surround music without big costs.

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