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of our current productions

The samples are only in stereo
, our DVDs sound in perfect quadraphonic / surround sound.

30 Years Quadro-Sound 1988 - 2018 (Best-Nr. Q-27)

Tanzende Tasten

  Tina und die Caprifischer

  Franny and the Fireballs

  Keyboard in Space

  Sammy's Saloon

Appeltown Washboard Worms - Country & Rock Session ( # Q-26)

On The Road Again

  Cotton Fields

  Shake Rattle And Roll

White Light Orchestra - Space Rock Accross The Universe ( # Q-24)

I Don't Know

  I Sing This Song


Frank Valdor - Fantastic Golden Latin Hits ( # Q-23)


  Oh Cangaceiro

  Ay Cosita Choo

Appeltown Washboard Worms - Country & Boogie Saloon ( # Q-22)

Folsom Prision

  New Orleans Boogie

  Orange Blossom Special

OGRE - The Last Neanderthal ( # Q-21)

Nine Princes

  Soulless Woman


Old Merry Tale Jazzband - Greatest Hits Of Dixiland ( # Q-20)


  Blue Berry Hill

  Creol Jazz

Kickhunter - Quadraphonic Game ( # Q-19)

Child Of Love

  Mine All Mine


Parsons Thibaud - More Transcontinental Voices ( # Q-18)

I'm Right Here

  Never Know


Ogre - Plague Of The Planet ( # Q-17 )

Youtube-Video: Plague Of The Planet

Frank Valdor - Tropical Dancing ( # Q-16 )


  Pan Africa


Parsons Thibaud - Quadraphonic ( # Q-15 )

Broken Sparrow

  So Unkind

  Tell Me Hello

Traditional Old Merry Tale Jazzband - Jazz, We Can ( # Q-13 )


  It's Now Or Never

  La Paloma

Frank Valdor - Hot Nights In Rio   ( # Q-12 )

Carnaval in Rio


Batida do Samba

Youtube-Video: Cachaca Queima - Frank Valdor Chor und Orchester

David Celia Band - Quadraphonic   ( # Q-11 )

Instant Puppy Love

More samples on David Celia's homepage

Crossover Quintett - Classic Surround ( # Q-10 )

Four Seasons

  Makin Whoopee


The Uptown Swing Gang - Time On My Hands ( # Q-08 )

Musicsamples and a look into our studio:

Time On My Hands

What is This Thing Called Love

(c) All music-samples copyright by Quadro-Surround-Musikproduktion.

More samples you will find on the homepages of our artists, which you can reach with this link

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